How I Got Over is about the life changing experience of Scottish Comedian of the Year Rosco McClelland, and focuses on his brush with death and the discovery of his life threatening heart condition, Sudden Death Syndrome.

He centres the hour around the ways he tried to cope with this realisation, as well as his attempts to cheat death via partying and narcotics. McClelland lets the audience in on how he’s turned his life around, and how this has been the best year so far: he’s finally started living in the now, he’s got a phone contract, and he’s engaged.

His blasé outlook on mortality makes for some deliciously dark comedy, while his wandering mind concocts strange and surreal tangents and observations which are the highlights of the show. There’s hilarious observations about his creepy venue, amusing accounts of McClelland’s friendship with a spider, recurring rat nightmares and gross tales about his old plumbing job.

McClelland loves a tangent and this suits his anecdotal style well, giving the show its lighter moments and absurd touches. Rosco McClelland is a gifted storyteller, with great stage presence and,  of course, some fantastic gags as well. His informal, chatty style makes for an exciting show that can go literally anywhere.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Rosco McClelland: How I Got Over, Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, Aug 24-28, 10.45pm

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