This is Rose Matafeo’s first Fringe. Not that you’d know it. Somehow, from the moment she emerges on stage, a besuited bundle of hair and energy, it feels like she’s been here for decades.

Her act is in the true spirit of the Fringe. A not-so- poignant reflection on the conventions of death, represented through a modern pop culture prism. Well, mainly naff R&B music and a mega-mix of inspiration funeral songs.

It’s personality-led, with Matafeo a beacon of enthusiasm that the audience doesn’t need much encouragement to get on board with. She’s the school friend you walk the long way home with just to be around their chat.

It’s not perfect, yet. The links are a little chaotic and laboured and the bombastic RuPaul-worthy lip- synching is a little hard to come back from. But, overall, she’s been here two minutes and has already hit the ground sprinting.

Words: Tom Crosby

Rose Matafeo is Finally Dead, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 6-28 (not 17), 5.45pm

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