Something all too forgotten about comedy is that it’s meant to be enjoyable. Yes, reflect a mirror of society to the audience, have dark jabs at politicians and social issues, but always remember to keep the audience laughing. Rose Matafeo puts the fun back into the Fringe. Her set still contains important topics but there’s so much energy that you can’t help smiling.

At least for myself – most likely many – as soon as Matafeo explains the show’s title there’s a breath of recognition as people in the crowd relate to the feeling that you aren’t the protagonist of your own story, but the Sassy Best Friend. Cynics in the audience may be on the back foot as the loud music, with even louder title cards are belted out. Fear not, for Matafeo’s energy simply propels the humour, fitting her stage presence.

A clear fan of cinema – especially rom-coms – and a theatre buff to boot, there are references to The Princess Diaries and Return to the Forbidden Planet embedded throughout the hour. If those don’t sell the show enough to you, then we’ll find something which will. There are a plethora of comedic stylings: music numbers, movement pieces, straight topical humour and, most crucially, cobbled together visual gags – the building blocks of the Fringe.

Matafeo still hits a message. Managing to not dictate, she instead discusses issues including the contraceptive pill and freedom of self, all whilst maintaining a human aspect. Matafeo feels exactly like what she believes: a Sassy Best Friend. You want to go to the pub with her, talk her through bad decisions but, most of all, tell her she’s the star of her own performance.

Words: Dominic Corr

Rose Matafeo: Sassy Best Friend, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 21-27, 9.45pm

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