What if the beloved Friends couple were real? Beautifully honest Ross and Rachel explores the relationship between two people as their love develops, changes, falters and returns.

Acted out solely through the incredible Molly Vevers, the performance takes the audience on a raw and uncompromising journey through the lives of a couple who are ‘made for each other’. Vevers’s performance allows us to feel each individual character’s emotion with deep intensity while her sense of urgency creates tension and atmosphere, bringing you right to the edge of your seat. References to popular scenes from Friends provide some comical relief and further enhance the light and shade that fall upon every relationship.

The play successfully portrays those familiar moments from every couple’s life while honestly exploring the darker and difficult experiences usually glossed over by romantic comedies.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Picture: Alex Brenner

Ross and Rachel, Assembly, The Box, 10-31 August (not 17), 12.30pm

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