No matter what mood you arrive in, it’s difficult not to laugh with Ryan Cull. When handling dark subjects and casual filth at a time when most of us are having Sunday lunch, there is a delightful brightness on his face.

Bear pits and leg braces don’t really scream comedy, do they? Cull though, has an unnatural talent for infecting us with that Canadian smile which even the most pessimistic grimace has to smirk at.

The comedian has a raw ability for humour though his set feels under-rehearsed and could do with some reworking. Tighter crowd interaction would also benefit him. Brace Yourself is more of a friendly hour with a funny friend rather than a headline hour of side-splitters.

Words: Dominic Corr

Ryan Cull: Brace Yourself, Gilded Balloon, Aug 16-28, 2.00pm

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