If you added up all the odd thoughts you’ve had when you’ve woken up still a little disorientated from the night before or eaten too many Ferrero Rochers, you might get an idea of what Spaghetti for Breakfast is like.

Sam Simmons admits us into his mind, displaying its absurdities with the help of a wide range of breakfast foods and other props. In particular, he makes a list of all the things that rile him, one of them being iceberg lettuce, the debris of which you may find on your clothing after leaving the theatre.

Simmons’s childish demeanour manages to be challengingly brash while instilling the audience with a sense of free silliness. Letting us find the absurdly hilarious in the everyday makes this comedy distinctly satisfying.

Words: Ursula Fleming

Sam Simmons: Spaghetti for Breakfast, Underbelly, 20-30 August, 9pm

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