Shaken, the new show from Fringe veteran Sarah Kendall, is a fascinating, hilarious, yet powerful account of how one lie she told as an unpopular thirteen-year old schoolgirl in 1989 Newcastle, Australia ballooned into a town-wide situation that gave her some attention.

Kendall is a captivating and extremely witty storyteller, adding many details that paint a vivid picture of her life in the New South Wales town; from the description of her fictional attacker, to her mother’s strange tastes.

Kendall is able to lead her audience on a journey that takes so many twists and turns that it is to her credit the final twist is still able to maintain its intended emotional punch.

Shaken is a funny and moving show from that should not be missed.

Words: Adam Thornton

Sarah Kendall: Shaken, Assembly George Square, 8-28 August, 6.45pm

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