Sarah Keyworth: Why Not?

Even as a Millennial myself – a grumpy left wing one at that – a Fringe’s worth of them is getting repetitive. Then someone like Sarah Keyworth comes along. Whilst still a work in progress, Why Not?, Is a slightly more refreshing take on the concept.

Keyworth has the deadpan delivery of some of the greats, completely fitting with her message and tone. Often one can tell a comedian is putting on the sarcasm for added effect. Not here. This delivery is exactly how Keyworth’s comedic style will grow.

As ‘generation Y’ as she has dubbed it, we have been promised the world. Told that we should accept nothing but the best, then denied even the chance. Her anecdotes have promise, and in a scene already filled with white older men, she’s a complete breath of fresh air.

Now, there are slip-ups, but they’re to be expected in a work in progress show. Some of the jokes don’t land the intended mark and there’s a few observations that can be slightly alienating to the unfamiliar crowd. Keyworth has a skilled control of the room for a newer comic, but perhaps not as tight a read.

So fellow Snowflakes, be damned the attitudes we face. Kick up a fuss, create comedy and use any form of language we can to express displeasure.

Words: Dominic Corr

Sarah Keyworth: Why Not?, Free Fringe @ Ciao Roma, Aug 25-27, 9.35pm

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