Scorch, written by new talent Stacey Gregg, tells the tale of Kes, a teenage girl struggling to accept her sexual identity.

Hiding behind avatars online, Kes meets Jules who believes her to be a boy. Kes hides the truth and we follow as the relationship intensifies, culminating in Jules discovery of her deceit and the resulting aftermath.

Amy McAllister commands the unique Roundabout stage as Kes with an unquenching display of raw talent. A solo show that explores an array of themes from sexual identity to the liberating powers of the internet, Scorch tackles the struggles of puberty and how the experience of alienation in society and humanity is often lost amongst the headlines.

Dark, intimate, yet oddly uplifting, Scorch is a gem in this year’s Fringe. An incredible experience, unforgettable, beautifully written and flawlessly performed. The standing ovation it received was rightfully deserved.

Words: Calum Wilson

Scorch, Roundabout @ Summerhall, Aug 28, 6:05pm

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