Sean McLoughlin is back at the festival with his fifth new hour of stand up, and it’s definitely worth catching him while you’re still lucky enough to see him on the Free Fringe.

This show talks about McLoughlin’s experience of being in love with his girlfriend, although he’s not told her yet, and his struggle with sexual inadequacy. He hates his penis and boy, does he want you to know about it; although slightly heavy handed on the self-loathing comments, you’re still able to laugh at the gags without guilt. He has a lot of opinions on porn and even Trump and these make for brilliant listening.

He frantically jerks about the stage as he works his way through his set, and is able to work the audience like a charm, delivering material with a captivating quality that makes you lean in to listen. His observations and little quirks have the audience roaring, if only he could draw breath long enough to enjoy the praise. McLoughlin goes on frequent tangents which make for the highlights of the set, tackling topics from porridge to Canadians and anything else in between – they’re the jewels in his crown that make him a true professional.

You Can’t Ignore Me Forever has everything you need from an hour of comedy: big laughs, both at McLoughlin’s own expense and occasionally at the audience’s, as well as the expert delivery required to keep the crowd on side. McLoughlin is a seasoned comic, capable of playing to a small room as if it were a stadium – with a little more confidence he’d be unstoppable.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Sean McLoughlin: You Can’t Ignore Me Forever, Laughing Horse@ City Café, Aug 12-26, 6.45pm

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