This is not a real séance. This is not a real séance. This was the mantra I repeated to myself throughout Darkfield’s latest production, Séance, in an attempt to stop my arms from quivering and my hands from shaking as they clutched the table in front of me.

Rewind back to queueing for this mysterious show: the white shipping container looms outside Summerhall and there is a strange sense of camaraderie amongst us all as we await our fate in mutual fear and apprehension. When we enter and see the low lights and centre table, replicating the conditions of a traditional séance, the reality of what is to come hits me: I have no idea what is in store. We each place headphones on that are almost completely noise cancelling but not quite. When everyone is settled, the door slams shut. I give a last nervous grin to the terrified yet excited woman sitting across from me and we are plunged into complete darkness.

Séance expertly uses the power of sound to immerse its audiences into the story. They say when one of your sense are cut off, it heightens the others. Cleverly, Darkfield create a completely suspenseful, thrilling experience that manipulates your other senses through sound. The atmosphere they build is like no other, making for a truly unforgettable piece of theatre.

Let Séance invite you in.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Séance, Summerhall, Aug 25-27, times vary

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