Seymour Mace presents an hour of intrigue, mild confusion and aggressive humour in his alternative comedy show, Magical Shitcakes from Heaven. This is an hour of boisterous and deadpan comedy not for the faint hearted, or for the overly rational.

Mace, in a chicken suit, dispels the notion early on that his show will involve cake, magic or be divine in any way. He confronts his appalling mental health head on, taking the audience along his journey to seeing things on the funny side and encourages his audience to do the same. He does this with an array of props and tools, his favourite being a generous peppering of the C word.

The audience feels part of Mace’s therapy which makes his outlandish approach to life understanding and ultimately charming. This show is laden with handmade props, from Robin costumes to Blue Peter inspired pirate ship boats which Mace uses to engage his whole audience.

By the end of the performance, everyone is involved in the same pointless yet hilarious task, making for a uniquely unifying experience that allows the whole audience to enter Mace’s mindset for a second and participate in the craziness of the Fringe.

Mace is difficult to warm to, but a master of his trade, capable of moving audiences and embodying the true spirit of the Festival in a down to earth way. This show is by no means serious but tackles some big themes, making them accessible and, most importantly, funny.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Seymour Mace’s Magical Shitcakes from Heaven, The Stand, Aug 5-27 (not 14), 1.30pm

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