Combining video footage with theatre performance, Shame confronts issues of sexual consent and slut shaming head on. Kiera is a normal teenager who has started making videos on YouTube as an aspiring filmmaker. However, after a drunken night at a party with a couple of older boys, she becomes known for a very different type of film. Told from the perspective of her mum, we discover Kiera has gone missing the day after the incident and the footage of her explodes online. In an effort to counteract the atrocious negativity on the internet in relation to Kiera, her family start the Unshamed Project.

This is not the first time this subject has been portrayed in performance recently but this is the first time it has been so effective in taking action beyond the screen or stage. Shame highlights the growing problem of cyber bullying in a combative way by not only depicting the heart wrenching, shocking story of Kiera – and all the girls she represents – but by also starting the Unshamed movement.

The Unshamed Project aims to encourage us all to share our embarrassing moments to show there is no shame in making mistakes. This campaign hopes to help teenagers who have been affected by something like Kiera and aims to replace the negativity on the internet with positivity.

Honestly written and performed by Belle Jones, Shame is a true to nature show all round. The combination of film, projection and onstage performance emphasises the ever present internet and the impact it has on our lives, drawing the audience further into the narrative. Shame is not just a show: it’s an important piece of counteraction to an extremely relevant issue. Be brave and take part too.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Follow the Unshamed Project here

Shame, Assembly George Square, Aug 20-27, 4.15pm

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