There aren’t many places you’ll find a show the combines Indian dancing and juggling, but Sigma is the show you didn’t realise you needed – and that’s what the Edinburgh Fringe is all about. Four women, two dancers and two jugglers, take to the stage of Assembly Hall to show you just how entertainment is done. The show consists of twelve acts, in between which, each woman takes it in turn to introduce themselves, adding a personal touch to the show that emphasises the diversity of the performers and their skills.

Every element of this show is beautifully choreographed and meticulously performed, from the hand movements of the dancers, to the mirrored juggling and the way each woman moves around one another, creating a dynamic performance that plays with shape and symmetry perfectly. There is nothing about Sigma that isn’t deliberate: we can almost see the amount of thought that was put into each act to create a mesmerising piece of physical theatre.

At times, some acts felt a little drawn out or repetitive but amazingly, Sigma’s entrancing ability to capture their audience meant they don’t lose anyone’s attention. The comedic moments, particularly the scenes at the beginning and end, are clever and unique, and add yet another element to this distinctive show and tie it all together.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Sigma, Assembly Hall, Aug 22-27, 1.30pm

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