Armed with razor-sharp wit and a tight grip over the English language, Radio 4’s Simon Evans rules the stage in his latest stand-up hour, Genius. With relentless ramblings, there is never a dull moment in Evans’ performance.

One moment he is raving about the fall of intelligence in society. The next, he bemoans Brexit. Before long he has concluded there is no place for democracy and only a monarchy can prevail in Britain’s turmoil. Evans barely lands on a topic before he takes off again for something new.

Ideas and anecdotes spring to life in Evans’ show. Although ironic and pessimistic, he still manages to portray himself as a candid and charismatic character as he reflects on times past. His show clearly attracted an older demographic, however, Evan’s lively spirit and breathless delivery would keep the majority of ages engaged.

There are times when he appears to be carried away with his own ramblings, occasionally veering from the path he was travelling on, only to come back again to conclude the gag. Overall, Evans could have done with a reeling in his tangents at times in order to hone in his focus. He did admit that he was testing the waters in certain areas and was still experimenting with the show.

Simon Evans’ Genius show was profoundly clever and thought-provoking – all the while intertwined with brilliant comedy. He is one to look out for in this year’s Fringe.

Words: Calum Wilson

Simon Evans: Genius, Assembly George Square Studio, Aug 5-27 (not 14), 8.20pm

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