Naked Ambition take you on a journey through the creation of the two-man show spawned in the outback of Australia that made its way through Europe and even conquered North America. A show based upon manipulating their penis’ into various states for raucous audiences. Yeah, really.

The show is not to be judged on its free-hanging subject matter. Puppetry of the Penis creator Simon Morley stresses the non-sexual joy that can be brought from the genitalia and how the show was birthed through the idea of love and tomfoolery, rather than the sex-show premise many bookers believed it to be. Morley takes a retrospect look at his hilarious journey around the world mastering the puppetry of the penis with a well-rehearsed chronology of the journey with his partner David Friend, from cruising the Gold Coast in a $700 camper to the show’s dive-bar genesis.

The show has taken many unexpected twists and turns: for example, very few shows at the Fringe can boast that they were so funny they forced a woman into fits of laughter so hard she literally soiled her seat watching an octogenarian aggressively nuzzling a man’s exposed ball sack. The narrative is told in a light yet heartfelt way and Morley is a clear raconteur, moving around the stage effortlessly without standing on ceremony and with little regard for shame. If you fancy completing the double act, head from Naked Ambition straight to the original show, running every night for the duration of the Fringe at the Gilded Balloon.

Words: Mikey Glancy 

Simon Morley: Naked Ambition, Heroes @ Monkey Barrel, Aug 19-27, 3.40pm

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