Simon Munnery is nowhere if not at the creative edge of modern comedy. Fylm School presents his own comedic device, essentially a camera on a hinge, which allows him to project himself onto a big screen on stage, whilst also allowing him to shoot the tabletop, so he can provide crudely animated arts and crafts nonsense.

In between Munnery’s own sharp and silly skits, two separate acts take a turn on his device. It’s an effective conceit that allows both Luke McQueen and John-Luke Roberts to showcase, and adapt, their particular comedic styles.

McQueen’s material is arguably unprepared, but effectively delivered, making more use of the camera than the arts and crafts elements. Roberts was more ready, with keenly surreal observations presented like a bizarre children’s pop up book.

Fylm School showcases a strong concept, which lives and dies by the strength of the acts that perform. Well worth taking a punt.

Words: Tom Crosby

Simon Munnery: Fylm School, Heroes @ The Hive, 27-31, 6:30pm

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