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A lighthouse keeper battles the storm while the radio informs us of his impending death in this dark piece about loneliness and loss.

Ascending a spiral stair into the cramped attic of C Nova stages the scene perfectly for this sad tale set inside a lighthouse. The attention to detail is remarkable, the small audience crowds around benches against the walls with excellent lighting design that further contributes to the sense of realism.

Poor, unhappy Isaac, the lighthouse keeper in question, hears of the incoming storm, then finds a girl washed up on the rocks, half dead and getting closer to death all the time. Disaster after disaster befalls the pair in his little room, and his desperation to save her becomes bound with an earlier tragedy he failed to prevent.

Sirenia is well worth a look if you like your drama dark, sad and just a little bit creepy.

Words: Caroline Whitham

Sirenia, C Nova, 5-31 August, times vary