Skin of the Teeth follows the startling story of Nick on his quest to be ‘shuddered’. He can’t feel fear, not a hint, not a flinch and exiled from his family, he goes in a search to get scared. Exploited by the ominous Mr Bacon, Nick learns about his own identity and the source of his strange lack of sensation.

A fascinating character played by a talented actor, Nick’s story is cleverly devised to keep the audience on the edge of their seats in anticipation. The narrative quickly builds tension in the small room as we are drawn into the troubles of the character while feeling a slight chill from the scary situations he puts himself in.

Exciting and thrilling, Skin of the Teeth is a mesmerising piece of theatre.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Skin of the Teeth, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 23-29, 3:15pm

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