Melancholy music and rhythmic hip hop combines with the elegance of the dancers’ bodies to create a powerfully emotive performance. Smother explores sexual identity and its changing nature within the ups and downs of romantic relationships. It’s defining message is of love’s lack of boundaries, and of the complications it presents and the perseverance it inspires. Expectation, jealousy, obsession and passion are all played out in a rapid, infatuated hour.

We are given enough of a definite narrative to be mesmerised and in suspense at the events of the lovers’ story on stage. Yet, at the same time, enough minimalism and physicality is provided to make the story feel universal. Song lyrics are the only words spoken and the resulting communication through looks and movement is touching to the core.

Words: Ursula Fleming

Smother, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 3-29, 3.20pm

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