In reference to the famous ‘boiling frog’ experiment, Sofie Hagen’s latest comedy hour, Dead Baby Frog, riffs on the analogy that a frog placed in boiling water will immediately jump out, but increase the water only gradually and the frog will stay put until it boils alive.

So was the case with Hagen’s emotionally abusive upbringing in Denmark under the reign of her former Nazi grandfather. A dark subject for a comedy show, you say? Perhaps, but Sofie Hagen makes it work with material written intelligently enough to keep the tension balanced, and her warm affable nature keeping the audience on her side.

The former Best Newcomer nominee masterfully weaves together these grimmer topics with moments of excellent comic timing, even taking the anxiety of her audience into consideration by handing out trigger warnings at the start. While parts of the show veer more into the realm of storytelling, she always manages to pull it back to her comedy roots with her joyful love of performing.

For a comedy show with a little more depth, get yourself along to Dead Baby Frog.

Words: Joanna Hedley

Sofie Hagen: Dead Baby Frog, Bedlam Theatre, Aug 2-28, 2pm

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