The huge audience that spilled into Assembly’s beautiful yet imposing Main Hall  would have been enough to send the most seasoned Fringe performer into terror. Yet as Reginald D. Hunter rolls onto the stage in a wheelchair – a broken leg, apparently the aftermath of falling down the stairs during an argument with his girlfriend – he immediately commands the stage, dominating the room.

Throughout the show, the American comedian lets forth an endless stream of witty humour and sharp punchlines. His charming and warm personality attempts to push boundaries in some areas, and his undeniably strong stage presence is the glue of the whole show.

Having moved from the States 20 years ago to live in Britain, Hunter is able to dive into Brexit, EU tensions, the Trump administration and then onto personal issues such as race. Yet this never lowers the light-hearted comedy Hunter is able to so skilfully perform. One-minute he will be recalling paternal advice – the next you’ll learn of his friend’s 45-year-old marriage destroyed by a gay threesome and wonder how the hell you even got there.

Hunter is a thoroughly entertaining comic, and his latest show is a perfectly crafted performance. The only disappointment being that the show came to a close. A true highlight of this year’s Fringe so far.

Words: Calum Wilson

Some People V. Reginald D. Hunter, Assembly Main Hall, Aug 4-27 (not 9, 15, 21), 10.30pm

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