In one of Edinburgh’s dark, underground bunkers at the Pleasance Courtyard, Sophie Willan is quick to warm up the audience with a genuine and bold introduction of who she is and how she got there. Sophie lays bare her attitude and personality for the audience to appreciate whilst sharing and succinctly depicting many personal truths, cringey and relatable traits and poignant observations of life, society and relationships that surround her. The audience is not entirely safe from being pulled into the show’s social commentary in quick witted and damning style.

The rest of the show continues to be witty, fun, sharp and full of important perspectives that are worth hearing on identity, feminism, politics, society, aspirations, family and critical sandwiches. A brutally honest, and sometimes dark, reflection on life as a northern, working class female who splinters at your well formed, versed and rehearsed views and understandings of British identities and society.

Sophie unravels her own personal experiences and relationships to make you laugh and listen. This show is hilarious and fearless. The delivery is accessible and down to earth with lots of real coverage on the social barriers , boundaries and brands we deny. The jokes and the conversations you feel you’re having throughout this show are smart, tragic, on point and very funny. You will leave wanting to hear more from her.

Words: Rachel May

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Sophie Willan: Branded, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 2-27 (not 16), 8pm

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