Storming the stage in a blur of twerking, grooving and gyrating, Sophie Willan is an energetic ball of humour. Concealed by the moves are those glistened dark edges and deadpan deliveries. This ball of energy takes the audience through her life on the record; social workers, school reports and yes, even reviews.

Visual displays sometimes subtract from the overall performance, but Sophie has managed to find the correct balance. As her social work records come into view it’s here that Willan finds firm footing. Reciting anecdotes with the occasional quip to the audience is where one grows to not just laugh with Sophie but enjoy her company.

However, if you’re going to interact with the audience, go for it. There are some half-hearted attempts which seem to get knocked back by nerves. The audience seems up for a chat, so more engagement would really add to Willan’s set.

Words: Dominic Corr

Sophie Willan: On Record, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 16-28, 4.45pm

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