You can’t describe any of Jones’ material back to anyone, it almost lives in its own genre. Every time he winks and says ‘stupid in’t it’ in a cheeky Cockney accent, the audience are sucked more and more on board with his haphazard clowning.

The building of his own soundtrack with musical equipment to set his jokes, like the world’s silliest Beardyman, almost completely removes the pacing issues inherent in last year’s show. With the pacing vastly improved, the silly skits, knowingly-naff prop play and general nonsense appear like the classiest piece of good ol’ British clowning on Earth. Each skit is just as unique as the last, some underwritten, some just a celebration of the silly.

Ultimately the show is close to the pinnacle of Jones’ ability. It’s not the perfect Fringe hour, as it can suffer from being too sporadic or chaotic, but it is very very close.

Words: Tom Crosby

Spencer Jones: Eggy Bagel, Heroes @ The Hive, Aug 18-28, 8:50pm

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