Spencer Jones’s Proper Job is back for another Fringe airing. The show is unique, unconventional and deeply silly but its energy levels fluctuate dramatically, meaning it can struggle for any meaningful form.

It’s meant to be slightly disjointed, a mess of Cockney silliness, that shows what an intelligent Mr. Bean could and should look like. Jones mucks about, doing as he pleases, making it a perfect example of what makes one man laugh being projected into the world to find an audience.

It’s an excellent DIY British prop-based clowning that blows away the Gaulier hegemony. The material is unique to him, it requires his personality and his alone. It doesn’t require an audience to be tuned into the performer, with Jones what you are tuning into has little relevance on prior comedy knowledge.

However, despite pieces of brilliance, the show as a whole is just a little too flat and disjointed to hit the heights Jones is clearly capable of.

Words: Tom Crosby

Spencer Jones is The Herbert in Proper Job, Underbelly Cowgate, 16-28 August, 5:20pm

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