Spencer Jones couldn’t have made a more memorable entrance if he tried. Gliding through the crowd in Heelys shoes, dressed in a lab coat, tights and a tie that nearly touched his knees, Jones resembles your archetypal mad scientist, complete with a soundboard blaring the strangest pitches through it all. It’s hard to decide whether his entrance was visual comedy gold or the stuff of nightmares.

The absurdity never subsides throughout the 50-minute long pay what you want show. Jones throws together an array of props, music, characters, gags and an impressive display of facial expressions in The Audition, with the use of a vibrating board and some imaginatively employed tennis balls making for some of the best moments. Despite the mishmash of elements, it works. The show takes us through Jones’ various auditions, which is the vague line that strings all of this eccentricity together.

At one point, Jones plays a recording of his son interrogating him on the creation of babies. His son then drifts into gibberish that only a child’s mind could possibly comprehend. It was an oddly touching moment in the bizarre set. Fans of high-brow entertainment may not appreciate Jones’ wild ride of a show. But it is one the whole family can enjoy together.

Unashamedly subversive, Spencer Jones latest performance offers audiences an uplifting, light-hearted show.

Words: Calum Wilson

Spencer Jones: The Audition, Heroes @ The Monkey Barrel , Aug 11-27 (not 15), 6.20pm

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