The Free Fringe offers up some immense talent for no forward ticket price. Stand Up and Slam! is the sort of production that, with a bigger venue and designed at larger scale, could easily become a mainstream ticketed show. The concept is relatively simple; two forms of art, the more stereotypical high-brow poetic form and its more publicly integrated twin, standup comedy, engage in a duel for the audience’s amusement.

Both art forms have a team captain who warm the crowd and introduce their teammates and guest acts from the vast pool of talent offered at the Fringe. Stand Up and Slam! is an ever evolving and changing show, it cannot be recommended more to have multiple viewings on different days.

An obvious passion for this production exudes from the producer and performers and, despite the combative nature of the show, the true winner is the audience.

Words: Dominic Corr

Stand up and Slam!, Cowgatehead, 27-29 August, 7.15pm

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