Steen Raskopoulos is the commanding and demanding dictator to his audience in his brilliant comedy sketch show, You Know the Drill.

He creates a vast collection of well-developed and insanely funny characters and delivers them with an equally convincing performance that emanates confidence. There’s the rapping MC, a lost little boy and many classic sketch show clichés which are played out marvellously and taken to the next level by Raskopoulos – he’s a true star of improvised comedy.

He uses his audience to his advantage, so much in fact that it’s almost a stretch to claim he’s a one man show. His effortless ad-libbing and quick wit make for a fantastic hour of fun – perhaps not for the shy and retiring.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Steen Raskopoulos: You Know The Drill, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 18-28, 7.40pm

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