Stuart Goldsmith might, finally, be creeping into the public consciousness. The Liquid Rooms is one of the Free Fringe’s biggest venues and he barely left any standing room. The crowd reflects his universal appeal. Pink trousered men, hipsters, comedy geeks, enthusiastic students, and even a hen do, have bought into the Mr. Nice persona he can’t help but generate.

The material is straight conventional topics, country vs city living, bikers, babies, and Airbnb, material which would falter in less competent hands. When nurtured by Goldsmith, it carries the slick professionalism of someone whose been master of their comedy voice for years. A brand of stand-up that wouldn’t be out of place under a Wikipedia entry on the art form.

It may not be ground-breaking and the show doesn’t reach the peaks of last year’s effort, but Goldsmith is making the crucial leap from being a comedian’s comedian to being everyone’s comedian.

Words: Tom Crosby

Stuart Goldsmith: Compared to What, Liquid Room Annexe, 7-28th August (not 15), 3:45pm

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