The Fringe is full of unrecognised talent and under-filled venues. Sunil Patel, performing to a comedy-savvy crowd of five, is experiencing just that. To say he deserves more is a huge understatement.

A clearly gifted comedian with a comfy and approachable style, he is as self-aware and structurally subversive as any of the Fringe’s great alternative comedians, without fitting directly into that bracket. It’s material that could work anywhere and appeal to most, whilst being subtle and clever.

If anything it’s the style of the lovable comedian, of the ilk of Stuart Goldsmith, subverted through intelligence, rock solid delivery and an innate understanding of the processes of comedy. He has the awareness of which comedy tropes to exploit and when.

Patel is the sort of comedian you could take anyone to see. It’s marketable enough to make him a star, whilst keeping enough intellectual property in the back to raise it above the norm.

Words: Tom Crosby

Sunil Patel: Juicer, The Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, 22-28, 2:30pm

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