Is Suzi Ruffell not a household name yet? Well she really should be.

With her distinctive brand of effortless, unforced comedy Ruffell has you laughing out of your seats with her tales of her working class identity escaping from the middle class persona she tries to adopt.

Nothing is out of bounds as she gets the crowd laughing at jokes about race, social awkwardness and feminism. She even gets you laughing about the death of her loved ones. However, the best bit is you don’t even have to feel guilty, with Ruffell keeping the gags ‘classy’.

Told in a smooth storytelling flow, you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement throughout Ruffell’s hour-long set, finding yourself thinking “yup, I’ve always thought that, but never had the balls to say it, I’m glad someone finally said it aloud.” Thank God Ruffell has shown us we are not alone.

‘Keeping It Classy’ cannot be a more accurate title for the show. It’s like jumping aboard an emotional comedic rollercoaster and I’m pretty sure you won’t find a comedy show in the fringe this year that has such an epic lighting change.

Suzi Ruffell is like the best friend you always wanted, and you’ll find you leave the show feeling like a legend.

Words: Rebecca Divine

Suzi Ruffell: Keeping It Classy, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 2-27, 9.45pm 

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