Sy Thomas’s show apparently had some technical problems, but you’d never know because his unrelenting energy and ability to keep the audience’s attention set the tone for a high quality free show.

His material isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, by his own admission, but this isn’t broad comedy by any means. There are subtleties and moments of surrealism, definitely one of Thomas’s strengths. Peppered throughout the show are short videos and other multimedia sketches, written to punctuate a theme or some irreverent fun. Thomas’s videos are hilarious, and it’s hard to understand why he’s not more popular; they are exactly the type of thing that would become huge through social media.

Thomas has clearly put a great amount of effort into his show, and it pays off. This is a solid, jumper-clad rock in the sometimes swampy ground of the free Fringe.

Words: Adam Wilson

Sy Thomas: Jumper, The Lounge @ The Counting House, 15-30 August (not 17th, 24th), 1:15pm

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