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Taiwan Season: The Sacrifice of Roaring

The Sacrifice of Roaring by Hsu Chen Wei Production Dance Company is a unique performance following a ritualistic pattern of movement. Based on the act of releasing the painful experiences of life to the gods in order to embrace a new path, this piece explores the rituals of religious belief which showcases some potent choreography and strong synchronised movement.

It’s quite a slow build up, but as the piece picks up the dancers really begin to show what they can do. The movements are infused with passion, pain and a sense of letting go which is compelling to watch. It’s a little repetitive in places, particularly before the show really gets going, but this does heighten the ritualistic aspect that the choreography sets as the foundation for this piece. Overall it’s an interesting show and uses dance to explore an important cultural experience.

Words: Donna Foulis

Taiwan Season: The Sacrifice of Roaring, Zoo Venues, Aug 5-29, 6:30pm