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Team Viking

This beautiful one-man play follows the journey of three life-long friends James, Tom and Sarah from the moment they met as children, to facing death and its aftermath as adults.

The tragic tale is accompanied by wonderful moments of comedy and nostalgia, while James Rowland – the performer and guide to this journey – jumps from acting out multiple characters to addressing the audience directly, all while also playing different parts of a song that come together right at the end of the story.

This intimate show makes the audience feel truly involved, and all the funny lines – which come as a relief during some really poignant moments – never take away from the emotional weight of the overall story.

An example of brilliant storytelling, Rowland’s show is among the most intimate and emotional in this year’s Festival. Beautifully written and superbly performed.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Team Viking, Just the Tonic, Aug 4 -28, 2.55pm