Famillie Floz, the Berlin-based company of masked actors, has made a triumphant return to Edinburgh after the success of last year’s Hotel Paradiso.

In Teatro Delusio we go behind the scenes at a theatre to follow the antics of three stagehands. As they squabble, skive and play pranks on each other, a succession of performers prance and pirouette through the wings on their way to the stage. The action, like the humour, is rapid-fire and precision-timed as our three hopeless cases interfere, fall in love and generally wreak havoc.

But it’s not all slapstick; there is much subtlety too, just a shrug here and a shimmy there, enough to convey the wordless script, the actors remaining completely silent behind their masks. The orchestra sequence – when a dozen entirely unique musicians wander on, one after another – is astonishing.

Inventive and engaging in equal measure, this is a virtuoso production of dazzling ingenuity.

Words: Judy Diamond

Picture: Simon Boccedi

Teatro Delusio, Pleasance Courtyard, 3–29 August, 1.45pm

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