Do not go into this show looking for depth or substance because you won’t find any. You will not be illuminated and Waters will not attempt to change your political views through incisive satire. Instead, prepare yourself for an hour full of joyful escapism.

Absurd, loud, in your face, and charming, Water’s show combines dance, sketch and mime to create a wonderfully ridiculous physical comedy that will have you crying with laughter. A word of caution though, if you attend this show you may be asked to climb up on to the stage and mime alongside Waters.

Though a little slow to get going, once Waters is warmed up, there’s no holding back the laughter. This light-hearted show will leave anyone who doesn’t take themselves – or the show – too seriously with sore cheeks from laughing. You just have to sit down and let it happen.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Tessa Waters: Over Promises, Gilded Balloon, Aug 24-29, 8:15pm

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