If The Andy Field Experience could be summed up in one word, it would be surreal. Upon entering one of the tiny underground venues at the Pleasance Courtyard, the audience is presented with a small screen displaying the word “hello.” As Field enters the stage nonchalantly, a wave of giggles begins to steer among the stalls – it seems his presence alone is infectious. After introducing himself, Field offers a little disclaimer: this is a show about things he finds funny. The audience is about to receive a small glimpse into his brain, and it is wonderfully weird.

The white screen, which works as a cue card for the comedian, presents the concepts that Field will ponder, but without his guidance, they are pretty much impenetrable. From bizarre impressions, to tripping on acid at a supermarket, Field’s short and disjointed sketches are hilariously entertaining. His delivery is calm and gentle, and more than once, a gag is followed by his own laughter, as if he was just stumbling upon these thoughts for the very first time. This almost improvised script demonstrates a sincerity that makes the act even more endearing.

Field’s show might be indulgent, but it is one that will make you laugh until it hurts nonetheless. You’re likely to find yourself still laughing long after it’s over as little flashbacks of his genius pop back into your mind. For an hour of hilarious escapism, look no further.

Words: Mariana Mercado

The Andy Field Experience, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 11-27 (not 16), 9.45pm

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