Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

The Beau Zeaux: An Improvised Comedy

It is rare to find an improv cast with the quick wit and fast paced imagination that Marcus Brigstocke, Thom Tuck, Pippa Evans and Rachel Parris bring to The Beau Zeaux.

The show begins with a simple question, and from there the cast create an elaborate web of characters, plots, environments and topics to keep the delighted audience entertained. Each cast member is able to adapt effortlessly to the prompts and diversions that seem to naturally occur from this energetic comedic style.

However, the plots and character feel slightly overused at times, something natural considering the constrictions of a show based on one question.

Even then, credit has to be given to the cast for fighting through these moments with hilarious plot twists and character creations to produce a warm and highly entertaining improvised sketch.

Words: Joel Gutteridge

The Beau Zeaux: An Improvised Comedy, Pleasance Beneath, 5-30 August, 5.45pm