As with any improv, it is hard to judge on just one viewing. What is evident, however, is how well the performers are able to handle the pressure of creating a dialogue while a room packed with people sit by, judging.

The Blind Date Project is a completely improvised show, where each night a different performer joins our single star in the setting of a karaoke bar. Receiving cues only via text or call from the director, the actors impressively keep the story on track. The conclusion also ties in well.

The actors are joined by the ‘bar manager’, who is perhaps a little too generically feisty yet nonchalant – the snarky character who doesn’t care in every rom-com ever.

This show has had its fair share of big names contribute, from Jason Alexander to Margot Robbie, and it is easy to see the draw.

It may even be worth seeing more than once.

Words: Paul Hyland

The Blind Date Project, ZOO Southside, Aug 9-28 (not 16, 23), 10.00pm

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