The Creative Martyrs: Kabakunst

Violins, guitars and a warm heart: those are the main features of this two-man martyrdom. Kabakunst, an honest outcry of true musicianship, leaves the audience unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Dark echoes from the performers early 20th century aesthetic reverberate forward to the political woes of 2017, and Kabakunst touches on a variety of issues from Brexit to nuclear warfare and everything in between. The gleeful vaudevillian comedy mask does not hide the reality of today’s political climate and neither it should. Nevertheless, the gravity of the content did not stop audience members jumping and getting lost in the string melodies adding to the toe-tapping atmosphere.

Based upon Kabarett, a satire of music and opulence with close links to La Chat Noir of the Parisian underground cafes, Kabakunst is a reliable forbearer bringing a clever form of entertainment up to speed with the present day. As stylised as it insightful – although, in parts, some segues could be sharpened – the duo’s laid-back audience interaction is truly the most enjoyable part, turning Fingers into a private performance for one in your own front room.

Kabakunst is as jovial as it is hopeful, a thoughtful and liberating cabaret that forces debate to the forefront all to the pulse of a fiddle.

Words: Mikey Glancy

The Creative Martyrs: Kabakunst, Fingers Piano Bar, Aug 26-27, 9pm

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