The Doug Anthony All Stars (DAAS) are back after almost thirty years and they did not disappoint. A lot has changed for DAAS since their debut Fringe show in 1987, as Richard Fidler is no longer a member and Tim Ferguson has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Yet, while the group has faced many personal issues, they have not lost their crude charm.

Main man Paul McDermott, Paul Livingston on guitar, and Ferguson deliver some of their best hits along with their famous sexual innuendos, and offensive humour. Paul and Tim work fantastically together and the years apart have not diminished their on stage relationship.

DAAS are not only musically talented but they successfully weave this with comedy. The band deliver a short but sweet nostalgic journey, receiving a standing ovation and an audience that never wanted them to leave.

Words: Emily Phillips

The Doug Anthony All Stars Live On Stage!, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 14, 10pm

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