A fantastic and likeable storyteller, Shôn Dale-Jones of theatre company Hoipolloi brings his latest minimalistic piece to the Pleasance this Fringe.

In The Duke he talks about value: the value of the porcelain figure of the Duke of Wellington that Dale-Jones’ father bought in the 70s, the value of 10 years worth of writing, the value of a refugee’s life. All examined at such a fast pace, Dale-Jones manages to raise serious questions without dwelling on them, with the brief mentions of the refugee crisis intelligently used to create perspective. One small issue is the sound clips used throughout, which sometimes serve to interrupt the performance more than help it.

In a true moment of practicing what you preach, at the end of the pay-what- you-want show, Shôn Dale-Jones asks his audience to donate whatever they deem to be the value of the show to Save the Children instead of him. This final moment drives home his examinations of value by leaving it up to us to choose the price of aid, rather than dictating it on a ticket.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

The Duke, Pleasance Courtyard, 16-29 August, 3.30pm

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