Images of fading old wallpaper slowly moving in the wind, abandoned hairspray cans and leftovers of long gone lives is how Jamie and Lewis Wardrop shroud the audience in the blankets of haunting loneliness and unanswered questions.

While the audience moves freely through various installations, images and forgotten artefacts of someone else’s lives, the brothers tell the story of their own discovery in the Hebrides. A feast of an uncommon sort of storytelling as it pulls the audience into a personal but also an ethnographic experience. This is not only an audiovisual encounter of the lonely and the haunting, it also becomes an intimate sensory confession of what it is to be a Scot.

Artistically challenging and emotional experience, it is a fascinating journey through the Hebrides of eyes and of heart.

Words: Liga Gutane

Picture: Sandra Franco

The Dwelling Place, Summerhall, August 3-19, 7.00pm

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