Currently showing at Summerhall, The Gardener is an intimate and sweet play about the lessons of life, the hurt of loss and the irony of thinking about how, despite everything that happens, life just goes on.

Immerse yourself in the world of Frank, aka The Gardener, as he welcomes you to his amateur gardening class set within the Care Home he resides in. Listen to his endless anecdotes as Eilidh, the care assistant, checks up on everyone in small intervals, making you feel at home. Crawford Logan brings Frank to life, creating such a truthful performance that the audience feel like they are visiting their own grandfather.

Scotsman Fringe First winner Lynda Radley (Futureproof) has created a beautiful script which is sincere to the last minute, and one that wonderfully connects the simplicity of gardening and turns it into a fitting metaphor for the complexity of life.

Although the piece becomes somewhat slow and monotonous at times, occasionally losing the audience, The Gardener has moments of true magic. The happy go lucky feel of the story soon changes and emptiness and loss takes over. Even though simple in set, this show completely welcomes you into Frank’s garden and the transformation is enchanting.

For a philosophical look into the meaning of life, the lose yourself in the memories of The Gardener and share a cup of tea and a biscuit with Frank as he takes you through the ride of life.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

The Gardener, Summerhall, Aug 2-27 (Not 14, 21), 2.30pm

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