Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

The Hogwallops

The Hogwallops are in their perfect home at the Circus Hub and you are invited to be a fly on the wall as the family go about their acrobatic slap stick daily routines. Inspired partly by the characters of Roald Dahl, the family strike a good balance of being likeable, colourful and cartoon-like but imperfect.

The emphasis is on fun as the haphazard acrobatic team jump, juggle, flip, fly and fumble their way through their household chores and only ever become distracted when an elusive banana comes into play.

This is a perfect show for a young family to enjoy together, as an adult I may not be their target audience but can still appreciate the heart-warming comedic, physical theatre and carefully choreographed acrobatics. A good light-hearted way to spend an afternoon.

Words: Zoe Atherfold
The Hogwallops, Underbelly’s Circus Hub, Aug 4-22 (not 10, 15), 3.30pm