The House of Edgar is a gothic horror musical from the Argosy Arts Company that centres around the retelling of Poe’s stories through folk songs. These are centred around the experiences of Rufus Griswold, the seemingly arrogant inheritor of Poe’s estate.

This moving production is both haunting and atmospheric, and skilfully staged by Argosy. The excellent use of music manages to effectively interpret Poe’s works into a different medium, and combined with graceful dance choreography it vividly illustrates his words.

The performances from all of the cast are excellent, but particular praise should go to Eoin McAndrew. His portrayal of Griswold manages to convey the character’s initial scepticism and rising desperation with incredible skill and subtlety. The House of Edgar is an unmissable experience that presents its own unique perspective on Poe’s tales.

Words: Adam Thornton

The House of Edgar, theSpace on the Mile, Aug 27, 10.15pm

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