The Listies have come all the way from down under to bring the best of scatological humour to Edinburgh. So named because they love lists, this comedy duo has a plan for an hours worth of entertainment. Rich has it all figured out, and Matt is ready to interpret his instructions in the funniest way possible.

Rich may have found a way to mechanically dispense loo-roll and Matt may be forgetful about removing spoiled pants but don’t be deceived by their low-brow gimmicks. This powerful pair use the most sophisticated humour attainable while acting like two kids leveraging absurd social interactions and perfectly cued timings. The content may be poo and Pong themed, but the talent lies in the delightful character comedy.

Parents especially will enjoy the throwbacks and the Edinburgh-tailored humour – as long as their kids don’t really use the Meadows as a loo. Adults aren’t left behind, though, and when the laughs rely on Matt’s fun loving nature you’ll find you can’t help but find Rich’s anger as amusing as he does. Fast-paced and full of energy, the show feels like it lasts only moments but looking back, the bits and gags to reminisce on seem endless.

There is nothing to keep track of and no plot to follow: The Listies Make You LOL is a priceless exercise in leaning back for once to effortlessly wait for Matt and Rich to deliver on those unadulterated, precious LOLs.

Words: Emily Hall 

The Listies Make You LOL, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 20, 12.30pm

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