In Summerhall’s Main Hall, the set for The Lounge creates an impression that is instantly identifiable when entering the venue: a care home.

Then, as the seemingly last straggler enters, one of the two orderlies standing on stage calls out, directing a woman, appearing to be in her 30s, to the stage. Once she arrives, the orderly continues directing her, initiating physical transformation of the woman until, emerging from the metamorphosis, is 97 year-old Marsha Hewitt.

The Lounge follows Marsha as she makes efforts to escape, faced by obstacles created by care home staff, visitors and other residents. Through remarkable physicality and intelligent use of postmodern techniques, the show effectively uses humour to deliver a powerful discourse regarding concerns of ageing.

The Lounge is Fringe at its best, impeccably bringing enjoyable escapism and thought-provoking perspective to reality.

Words: Sara Vollen

Picture: Ellie Kurrtz

The Lounge, Summerhall, Aug 3–27, 3.25pm

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