The Marked is a dark and engaging piece, tackling issues of homelessness and addiction. Combining physical theatre, puppetry and mask work, all performed by a trio of cast members as they transform into an array of characters, The Marked inventively plays with the concept of inner demons, bringing them to life in front of the audience’s eyes.

The character of Jack becomes the most sympathetic, and the one the audience connect with the most. He clings on to a childish trinket as the only thing that he felt brought him protection from his alcoholic mother, the memories of her drunken states being the true source of his fear.

The use of set, sound and visuals adds to the tension throughout, building atmosphere and amplifying the story to make The Marked a truly effective performance.

Words: Donna Foulis

Picture: Idil Sukan

The Marked, Pleasance Dome, Aug 5-29, 1:30pm

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